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Introducing a Soapscription

Handmade soap is a luxury.
Too few know the benefits of using bar soap free of sulfates, surfactants, and detergents. Not only does it make your skin softer, cleaner, and better moisturized, each bar is unique and a work of art. This combined with the feeling that you're supporting local artisans and your community by buying from artisans can make you feel amazing, too. And you should! Why not feel that way every time you go to wash?
If you follow me on Instagram @foxandflorasoapco you know that I've talked about starting a monthly subscription box. This month I decided to finally dive in! You can now join the Soap of the Month Club and get a brand new soap delivered to your door each month. My customers typically use a bar of my soap per month, so this works out great for those of you who don't want to worry about buying another bar of soap (or bottle if you're still on that) each month.
The Soap of the Month is a limited edition, small batch (about 20 bars for now) soap that is totally unique. I love trying new fragrances and essential oil blends, colors, and soap making techniques, so for me this is a chance to experiment each month. If a certain soap is extremely well received, it has a chance of becoming a permanent product in my collection!
If you're not committed enough for the 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions yet (I get it), you can buy a single bar each month. The longer the commitment, the more you save each month on the easiest part of your skincare regime.
Consider gifting a Soap of the Month Club subscription to a loved one for their birthday or a holiday! They'll think about you every time their box comes in the mail with their monthly soap. The gift that keeps on giving, truly.

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